Come Hike With Me!

I work in an office all day so it’s always a treat to get outside and in touch with nature. My company has “Team Building Thursdays” once a month and they are often fitness related. This month we went for a hike at Irvine Regional Park in Orange, California.

For this lovely fall afternoon I put together a cute but ultra comfortable ensemble. The top reads, “Run, Dance, Love” and is from Forever 21 ( Leggings are from TJMaxx (yes I’m a maxxinista!) and only set me back about $16 (! My shoes are from Nordstrom rack ( I love the pop of color that they add.

If you’re a fashionista on a budget then all of the stores mentioned above will be your best friend when hunting down active wear. Happy shopping!


One thought on “Come Hike With Me!

  1. LOVE those shoes!! I’m all about the bright colors when it comes to workout clothes…currently in the market for new ones too!


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