Simple Sugar Scrub

Scrub2DIY gifts have always been a favorite of mine. This CRAZY EASY sugar scrub makes the perfect Christmas gift and won’t break the bank. And I’d recommend making one for yourself. Your skin will thank you!

Note: Use this on your body- not your face. It is too coarse for delicate facial skin.


4 Tbsp Coconut Oil (I used Dr. Bonner’s because I find it to be very clean smelling)

1C Turbinado Sugar (It has to be this type of sugar because it has a coarse texture)

Optional: A few drops of scented essential oil. My recommendation would be vanilla or lavender. But you can get creative and make a peppermint or pumpkin spice scrub for the holidays!

You can make this in any quantity you like, using the ratio of 1Tbsp coconut oil to 1/4 C of sugar.


Wash your hands well, then combine the ingredients in a bowl with your fingers.

Store on a counter as the ingredients will not spoil. It works perfect in a mason jar.

Scoop it from the jar and use on your body with warm water or a washcloth. Prepare for some amazingly smooth and soft skin.

That’s it! It can’t get any easier folks!

I actually made my scrub without any oils only because I didn’t have any on hand. But it still smelled heavenly and let’s be honest… I may have licked a finger or two (The scrub is edible as long as there are no essential oils in it).

Now the question is, who will be lucky enough to get this in their stocking?

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