Bold, bright and beautiful

I’m backkkk! I know, you forgot about me, didn’t you? Forgive me for going MIA for a bit. Between the holidays and moving (I’m a Costa Mesa girl now, woo hoo!) life got crazy and my blog took a back seat. Tisk tisk, right? Well I’m back and more motivated than ever to dish out recipes, gym looks, lifestyle tips and so much more!

Today I’d love  share with you this bold gym look. It’s so bright you’ll be the ultimate distraction to all those bros at the gym. Thank me later 😉 But seriously how cute is the pink and blue combo? I’m a sucker for anything neon.

My pants are from the lovely Kate Hudson’s line, Fabletics (Fabletics). They were actually a gift from fellow blogger Campfire Chic (Campfire Chic) – make sure to check her out for all things crafty and adventure based! Anyways, when I told her I wanted to start a fitness blog she generously hooked me up with these stylish pants and boy do I get use out of them! Fabletics offers a monthly subscription and your first outfit is only $25! After that they are usually around $60 but I’m pretty impressed with the quality!

My hoodie deserves extra points of awesomeness because it has THUMB HOLES. Clearly it’s the little things that get me really excited! This gem was purchased at Ross (cue the theme song). I feel like Ross doesn’t get enough credit! They actually have a good selection of active wear for pretty unbeatable prices. This hoodie was under $20. Winning.

If you’ve read my past gym look posts you won’t be surprised to hear me say that I got my shoes at Nordstrom Rack (Nordstrom Rack). I get the majority of my workout shoes at “The Rack” because they are always cute and affordable! I paid around $55 for these shoes but they retailed for $80 when they were sold in regular Nordstrom stores.

I’m a big believer that your best workouts happen when you feel good about yourself. I’m not saying you need to doll up to go to them gym- I certainly don’t! But putting yourself together in a cute and coordinated outfit could help give you that push to slay that workout! So go get em’ girl…those calories aren’t going to burn themselves! 🙂




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