How To Make Your Bedroom Totally Zen

I’ve never lived in what felt like an “adult” type of bedroom. I was one of those girls who opted for the pepto bismol pink room at my parents house and I didn’t really put the effort into decor at my last apartment. I knew when I moved into my new place that I was ready for a grown up bedroom that I could consider my sanctuary. Let me take you on a tour of my zen bedroom!


Bedding and Color Combination

I knew I wanted to keep my bedding simple. I started with a white comforter which I found on sale at Macy’s (also snagged some super cozy sheets!). Their home department is a gold mine for staple bedding items. Then I had a blast selecting pillows and throws at Home Goods. It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but my pillows are taupe and white with a dash of gold. I enjoy neutrals because they provide a sense of calm. Side note: Notice that adorable framed piece above my bed? My best friend is a very talented calligrapher and was generous enough to design this for me! Check her work out at Sea Calligraphy


Work With The Space You Have

My closet is a woman’s nightmare. It is tiny and was almost a deal breaker when I toured the unit. But I got creative with my space so I’ve moved past it. This rack (surprisingly sturdy and found at Walmart for $50!) has been a life saver and actually adds a little personality to my room. I’ve also invested in a shoe rack that hides in my closet, and keep the items I don’t use as often under my bed.


Where The Magic Happens

Get your head out of the gutter! This desk is where some of my blogging happens. I like to keep it clutter free. The desk, chair, and cute dainty mirrors were Home Goods finds.


Incorporate Your Hobbies and Interests

I love being able to rock out in my room. Whatever your interest may be try to incorporate an element of it into your decor. It’s both cute and practical!


Have One Central Piece

Having one piece that ties the room together is important. For me, it’s this dresser (purchased at Living Spaces $795- total splurge but worth it). I knew I wanted something simple yet modern. Other ideas to save money could be refurbishing a piece you find at a garage sale or thrift store.

Decorating my bedroom was so much fun. I loved having the freedom to express my personal creativity. Unwinding in my room after a long day is blissful and feels like a little retreat. Looks like I’m finally a real grown up 🙂


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