I Totally Quit My Juice Cleanse


Last week I went on a particularly gluttonous vacation to Portland. How could I not partake in the land of Voodoo Donuts and Salt and Straw? All that heavy food left me craving a detox so I decided to try a three day juice cleanse. I’ve done one day quickies before, but I knew a three day would be a challenge.

Day 1: Not so bad! All the juices were very tasty. I was hungry so I allowed myself two apples (a couple pieces of fruit are allowed on most cleanses to hold you over between drinks). This still didn’t cure the rumblings in my tummy but I chugged lots of water and called it a day.

Day 2: Woke up with so much energy after a great nights sleep (not sure if it was the juices or just coincidence). This energy burst carried on until about 2 PM when everything went downhill. Enter: detox symptoms. I spent the next several minutes hovering over the toilet at work and the nausea would not subside. Itchy skin and ringing in my ears set in shortly after. I googled these symptoms and found that I was not alone! Plenty of others have had the pleasure of encountering these symptoms while on a cleanse. Some said to push through but the majority said to listen to your body. I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel so I started to drink my dinner juice, but my body was not having it. At 6PM I gave up and ate a few pretzels. And later I ate a light but normal dinner. Instant relief. Went to bed noticing that my skin was breaking out- likely another detox symptom.

Day 3: Woke up feeling totally back to normal. Breakouts subsiding. Decided that I would split my last day of juices into two days- eating small normal meals for every other meal.

Not finishing the cleanse the “right” way really killed me. Partially because it was really expensive (#helpmeimpoor) but also because I felt like a failure! But after thinking about it I’m glad that I quit. Why would I continue with something that was making me physically ill? My body was sending me a message and I took it.

In retrospect I should have eased into the cleanse. You’re supposed to eat vegan for a couple days leading up to your cleanse so that when the toxins are released you’ll be better equipped to handle them. Whoops!

I’m sorry this post isn’t more motivational, but I felt it was important to be honest and realistic. I do think there are many benefits to a juice cleanse if your body can handle one. Many people do well on them and they can offer some incredible results: glowing skin, increased energy, not to mention a kick start to healthier habits. My suggestion would be to start with a one day and to make sure you prep before anything longer than that.

Whether or not I will ever do another juice cleanse again is still TBD, but for now my morning Nutribullet smoothie will suffice just fine. And since you’re wondering I lost 2 pounds and gained it right back when I started eating normal food again. Such is life!



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