The Who, What, Where, When, Why On My YouTube Channel


About 6 weeks ago I took the plunge and joined the YouTube community (Link to my channel)! I traded in my iPhone 5s for a 7, propped it up against my DVD player and filmed an introduction video. It’s funny that that video is only 6 weeks old and I already look at it and cringe. The lighting and audio were atrocious. But you can bet that I’m going to keep that video up forever because one day when I ideally have a lot of subscribers and quality content I’ll look back at see where I started.

Since that first video I’ve filmed several more. I’ve stepped up my game and purchased some soft lights and other filming accessories. Next step will be a camera. The majority of my videos have been weekend vlogs where I just take the phone along with me through my day. Although I enjoy vlogs I do have plans for many other videos on my channel: DIY’s, Lifehacks, Collabs, Sit down videos (hauls, make up tutorials, etc), and so much more. I’m partnering with some brands who will be making some special appearances as well!

I’m still a baby in terms of my status in the YouTube community. I have a whopping 40 subscribers at the moment haha. Not even enough to get a cute vanity URL! Thank you friends and family for watching! Now it’s time to spread the word about my channel and provide subscribers with the quality content they are looking for. I look forward to taking you guys along with me on my adventures! Thank you so much for supporting me on this journey. I think it goes without saying but if you haven’t already please subscribe!

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