Productivity Tips for the Busiest Bees


Are you sick of feeling like a chicken with your head cut off throughout the day? Do you crave some structure in your life? Are you feeling busy but somehow still feeling like you’re getting nothing done? If you’re answering YES YES YES then this post is for you! Maybe it’s just the Virgo girl in me but I am the queen of organization, structure, and planning. Therefore I consider myself a pretty productive person. There is of course always room for improvement, but these are the top 5 tips that are serving me well:

1) Thy must always abide by the list

I am completely lost without my todo lists (yes I am that *extra* that I have multiples, haha). Visually seeing what you have in store for the day will help you accomplish it. Plus there is something so satisfying about crossing a task off the list once it is accomplished. Nerd tip: Super cute, affordable notepads from Home Goods make list making actually fun!

2) Prioritizing is key

If a task is going to take you a couple minutes, just get it done. From there review the rest of your items and list them in order of importance. I used to have a bad habit of doing tasks in the order that they came in, which isn’t necessarily the best way to do things. If there is an item that, for example could make you more money it probably should be high on the list.

3) Take Breaks

Research has shown that 90 minutes of work followed by 10 minutes of break time is ideal for staying productive and producing the best quality of work. Stay focused and then give yourself permission to step away for a quick walk or snack.

4) Keep your environment clutter free

There is nothing more distracting to me than a mess. Whether it be your office desk or your house in general, try to keep things as clutter free as possible. It’s an instant mental clarity booster.

5) Realize you are human

At the end of the day, there is only so much you can do- we’re not super heroes. You need to make sure that you still give yourself time for unwinding, quality sleep, and a work-life balance so please protect that time sacredly. If you realize earlier in the day that you aren’t going to complete an important task make sure that message is relayed to whomever needs to know- boss, client, etc. You’d be surprised how understanding most people are as long as you’re showing that you are putting the necessary effort in.


I know that prioritizing can be easier said than done and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But stick with these tips and you’ll see the payoff (hopefully both literally and figuratively) soon!

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