Fall Breakfast Favs

Happy Fall y’all! Ok, Fall may not start till September 22nd but in my world I start early. I’ve already been drinking my PSL’s and my apartment smells like a Bath and Body Works shop. The seasons may be changing but one thing that has not is my need for quick nutritious meals. Mornings are hectic and I never seem to be able to salvage more than a couple minutes to get my breakfast together. Lucky for me, several brands make it easy for me to get out the door with a nutritious start to my day.


Natures Bakery (www.naturesbakery.com) creates on-the-go snacks crafted with thoughtful ingredients. For example their dairy free Double Chocolate brownie is only 90 calories and is made with real dates. Throw that on top of some oatmeal and top with a dollop of almond butter for the perfect morning kickstart. If you’re feeling more fruity then try their Honey and Oat fruit bars (Strawberry, Blueberry, or Apple Cinnamon) or their OG fig bars (they come in 7 different flavors). I typically eat one of their bars along with a hardboiled egg for a complete balanced breakfast! You can find Natures Bakery products on Amazon or in several local health food stores. Check their store locator on their site.


Sun Warrior (www.sunwarrior.com) is a brand committed to making the best plant-based proteins and superfood supplements. They sell a variety of protein powders, liquid minerals and protein bars. Being the coffee lover that I am, I’m naturally drawn to the Illumin8 Mocha flavor. This vegan shake is packed with superfoods like baobab, chia, flax, brown rice, kelp, and holy basil. Either blend this with some almond milk or shake it up in a shaker bottle and you’re out the door in a couple minutes tops.

3 ingredient pancakes made the cut last time I did a quickie breakfast post and I’m bringing them back but this time with a tweak to the recipe. I still love the egg, banana and cinnamon recipe but lately I’ve swapped the cinnamon for oats. This recipe calls for 1/4 cup rolled oats, 1 medium banana, and 1 egg. I blend all the ingredients together and then cook over a heated pan for a couple minutes, flip and then ta-da! Top with a bit of maple syrup and enjoy.

I’m so thankful for brands and recipes that make it possible for this crazy girl to get nutrition in minutes! I hope this post give you guys some ideas for your Fall mornings. Now off for another PSL 🙂


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