30 before 30!


About a month ago I hit the “29 and feeling fine” birthday. I wasn’t too phased by this number. It may be the last of my 20’s but I’m determined to make it the most memorable year yet. With a fire in my heart I present to you my 30 before 30 list:

Get a dog

One international trip (or at least have it booked and planned)

Ride on a motorcycle

Read more


Make a cake

Have a good deeds day (did this one at 23 but it’s time to bring it back)

Save a substantial amount of money

Go on Cursillo

Learn my ancestry

Go on some dad and daughter dates

Pray daily

See dramatic results in fitness

Learn to sew

Journal more

Visit a state I’ve never been to

Call family and friends more often

Take high quality pix with my parents

Go to the snow

Spend a whole day in pj’s watching movies and eating popcorn

Get back into dating (likely waiting till after the New Year for this one)

Make sushi

See someone in concert I’ve never seen before

See a Broadway play

Go to church weekly

Send some snail mail just because

Take Lent seriously

Go to high tea

Make an effort to know more news/world events

Have the best 30th birthday party (going hard with a Seinfeld theme!)

I’m excited for the next 11 months of 29! I’m working more on being present in moments instead of thinking ahead to what I have to do next. With this mentality I hope to enjoy the items on this list to the full capacity. Blessed ❤



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