How to Make 2018 the Best Year Yet


A few days ago I watched a video that hit home for me. It was a promotional video for the gym I go to titled “Rise and Grind”. The person doing the voice-over spoke a strong message. To summarize he basically said that you could listen to a voice in your head that tells you to take the easy route- but that’s not you. You’re on the path to greatness so you’re going to take the road less traveled. He goes on to say that your biggest opponent is yourself- your doubts, your fears. And even after going down that hard path you’re going to be left with one thought: “Is that all you’ve got?”. Not sure why but this video shook me in the best way possible. Certainly yes for my fitness goals but I also can apply this mentality to every element of my life: when I get too stressed out, to help me make healthy food choices, to be a kinder person, to be a better employee, the list goes on and on.

2017 was a year of suffering followed by growth and change for me. I got knocked on my feet pretty hard but mid-way through the year I did what that voice over in the video said to do- I punched negative thoughts right in the face. I learned to love who I am. Actually, I got to know who the real me is. I took struggles and turned them into strengths. Goals that I’ve had on my lists for a long time started manifesting themselves right before my eyes. Proof that with the right mindset you can do anything you set your mind to. But this post isn’t necessarily about me. I want to share my suggestions on how  you and I can both have the BEST 2018!

Goal List. Write what you want to achieve down and keep it somewhere you’ll regularly see it. Some people may enjoy an inspiration board.

Get Out of your Comfort Zone. Now it’s time to get to work. You’re not going to achieve those goals just reading them on your list. Sign up for those music lessons even if you’ve never touched an instrument. Get into that gym even if you’re scared to look silly. Honestly, you probably will the first couple times. But who cares? Before you know it you’ll start getting the hang of it and then be the one schooling everyone else.

Evaluate Your Habits– A good portion of how our day plays out is the result of our habits (this includes behaviors). Not a fan of how you react to stress? Really want to curb that texting and driving habit? It’s simple. Stop. Change. Don’t think about it just do it and then do it again and keep going. This ties into the next point…

Don’t Let Failure Stop You– Not to be the bearer of bad news but at some point in your journey to better yourself you are going to fail. Maybe it’s in the habit of trying to set a strict budget. Or maybe it’s in your quest to eat healthier and you binged on junk food. Maybe you just lost all motivation for the gym and stopped going for a week. IT’S OK I PROMISE!! You’re still stronger than you think. You’re going to pick yourself right back up. And you keep going. I assure you you’re not starting from scratch. You’re just resuming where you left off. And that’s what sets you apart from the weak. Weak give up. You’re going to keep going until you’re proud.

Balance– Man oh man do I struggle with this one. REST. You can’t grind nonstop. Sure, hustle it up but please carve out time for yourself. Keep it sacred and do not make plans during that time. Write it down in a planner if you have to. Sayings like “sleep is for the weak” or “always on that grind” just make me cringe. UMMM how am I supposed to be the best version of myself if I’m non-stop burned out? No thanks.

Prayer and/or Meditation: Prayer is where I not only get to know God better but it’s also where I’ve learned so much about myself. I’m not going to go too into this point since my last post was on my faith but if you set aside quiet time every day to pray or meditate you’ll see your life change for the better.

Being a boss babe in 2018 is going to keep you busy! I wanted to give a quick shout out to two amazing time-saving services that I’ve recently collaborated with and would highly recommend.

Amazing Lash Studio Los Olivos: Amazing Lash Studio is a nationwide service for eyelash extensions. I went to the Los Olivos location in Irvine, CA and had a great experience! The staff made sure I was informed and comfortable. The process was quick (just a tad over an hour but it flew by since it was so relaxing!) and the results were fabulous! I felt so glam kicking off the new year with these lashes. I only have a few minutes to get myself together in the morning so being able to skip the step of putting on mascara has been amazing.


Milk and Eggs: This one is for the LA and OC gals (but more delivery locations coming soon!). It’s hard to get to the store when you have a full plate of work, gym, and puppy training so having groceries delivered is a dream come true. Food comes from local farms and food makers straight to my doorstep. Milk and Eggs has been a lifesaver to my schedule.



I assure you guys I haven’t mastered all my bullet points that I’m sharing you as I am a work I progress. But I am practicing what I’m preaching and have seen unbelievable results and blessings bestowed on me through these practices. I’d love the same for you. I you have questions feel free to comment or DM me on my insta (@thegoodnerremedy). If I can help one person find their inner strength then my 2018 will be made. Wishing you all a happy start to this wonderful year!

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