How I Went Down 3 Pant Sizes: Part 1, Macro Counting


6 months ago I decided it was time for a lifestyle revamp. I always wished that I could wake up early and workout, that I could be brave enough to try the “what the heck does that even do” machines at the gym, that I could stop the cycle of salad, salad, salad, eat the whole world, salad, salad, & that I could gain some muscle. I’m really excited to tell you guys that I’ve done all of that and more! I’ve held off writing this post for a while in fear that you guys will think it’s to brag about my accomplishments, but it is genuinely in hopes that people could benefit as well! Please note that I am not a fitness instructor, nutritionist, doctor, etc.- this is just what has been working for me! This will be Part 1 of a two part post, starting with nutrition.


Introducing IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). Some people count calories which is a good start, but I count macros which includes protein, fats, and carbs. How much of each of these macros a person needs depends on a bunch of factors such as how tall they are, how much they weigh, what their goals are, how much they exercise, etc. I’m hesitant to tell you guys my macros because I do not want anyone to think that they are magic numbers that will work for them, because they won’t- you’ll need to calculate your own. But for the sake of providing an example here you go:

Fat 50g/Carb 160g/Protein 118g

People call this flexible dieting because you really can eat anything you want as long as it fits in your macros. That being said, the “right” way to do this is to mostly eat clean but allow yourself some cheats from time to time. I’ve played around with my numbers a lot and this is what works best for me. When I upped my fat and lowered my carb I started feeling my clothes getting tighter. Apparently my body really likes carbs! Totally not complaining about that! You can find out a good starting point for you on this calculator. Full disclosure: I don’t track every day. I’ve been tracking long enough now that I feel comfortable often using my intuition, because, not gonna lie- tracking takes a lot of time and effort. Trust me, it’s worth it but sometimes you feel like a mad scientist crunching the numbers. There’s apps that help, but it still takes dedication. I recommend tracking faithfully for at least a month before you start using you intuition. You’ll be able to make more educated guesses on what should fit in your macros. And it’s totally ok if from time to time you just can’t find something that fits in what is left: you can go over one macro and under another occasionally without worrying. Note that they are just guidelines, you’ll almost never *exactly* hit the numbers.

Here are some of my favorite staples that are always in my kitchen:

-Protein Powder

-Meats & Fish

-Variety of veggies

-Nut butters (Especially like PB2 for a low cal option.)


-Cheese (Yes, cheese is NOT the devil! Eat it in moderation but enjoy!)

-Dark chocolate (Eat it just about every day and sorry not sorry.)

-Arctic Zero (Lower carb than Halo Top but I still enjoy a HT from time to time.)

-Oikos Arctic Greek Yogurts (No fat and high protein.)

-Protein bars (I always have a variety on hand but if you want a low carb one Power Crunch bars are so good. Pro tip: freeze them!)

-Cottage cheese

-Sugar free jelly and sugar free ketchup

-Fruit (It is good and it is the right kind of carb but be careful- it can deplete your carb macros for the day pretty quickly. A banana has about 30 g. carbs.)

-Trop 50 Orange Juice (Lower calorie OJ that I love putting in my protein shakes.)

-Eggs. Both egg whites and hardboiled eggs.

-Ezekiel bread

I want to thank a brand that I’m partnering with on this post: Milk and Eggs! They are a Los Angeles and OC based company that serves local farm fresh products straight to your doorstep. I’m so thankful that they are helping me save time but still hit my nutritional goals!


I will be sharing a “What I Eat in a Day” post in the future where I will give detailed examples and recipes of my meals! Stay tuned for Part two of this post which will focus on the changes I’ve made in my fitness regimen.

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