Part 2: How I Went Down 3 Pant Sizes, Fitness Journey


Welcome back to the blog everyone! Today I’m sharing part two of my journey going down three pant sizes! Last post we focused on the nutritional side of things and this post will detail my fitness journey.

I’ve always been a bit of a gym rat but for years I was just spinning my wheels wasting time and making no progress. I was a religious stair master user and never strayed far from it. I was very intimidated by the weight machines even though I always had an itch to check them out. Then 7 months ago it all changed. I knew I wanted to become the best version of myself and to do that I was going to have to go outside my comfort zone and challenge myself. I started slow but steady, going to the gym and each day trying a couple of the machines that I previously had been too nervous to try. I admittedly probably looked pretty silly the first few times I used a few of those but soon I was getting the hang of it. I followed a few fitness YouTubers and took note of their tips and workouts and started incorporating bits of their routines into mine. I loved my solo workouts but I was craving more of a community atmosphere so I signed up for Classpass. Classpass allows you to try out different studios in your area. I loved the flexibility of going to different studios and trying different types of workouts (yoga, weightlifting, cardio focused, barre, etc). But after a couple months of this I found myself always loving one above the rest so I cancelled Classpass and signed up exclusively with them. This gym is a bit of a cross between a Crossfit and a Orange Theory if you’re familiar with either of those. It’s no joke- we train hard but we have fun the entire time. The instructors, community vibe, and crazy endorphins are what keep me coming back almost every day.

In the midst of all of this fitness transformation I hired a personal trainer. Once I realized how much of a passion I was having for fitness I knew I wanted to kick things up a notch so I thought it would be good to get some one on one instruction. Not only could my trainer help me with my goals and give me a brutal workout (still get PTSD about a couple of them) but he could help me with form which would in turn help me when I work out on my own. I also injured my hip a few months ago and he was able to help coach me back to recovery.

If you’re looking to lose weight then there’s no secret formula other than pay attention to your diet and exercise. But my workout regimen isn’t necessarily what’s going to work for you. Here are my summarized suggestions for kickstarting YOUR fitness journey:

Slow and steady. You’re much more likely to stick with something if you ease into it. If you’re not used to exercising start with 2-3 days a week, don’t just launch into 6.

Find what kind of workouts you enjoy. I love weightlifting and high intensity workouts. But you may love pilates or running, which is GREAT!! Take advantage of programs like Classpass that allow you to experiment and find what you love.

Either get a trainer or do extensive research. There’s no way around it. If you want to get good at something it’s going to take training. It’s likely not going to be cheap and certainly not easy. If you’re not able to afford a trainer that’s fine, but please spend some time researching workouts and form.

Be prepared to fail and be unmotivated. Motivation starts off high at the start of a new workout routine but eventually it will fade. PUSH THROUGH. You have to create habits of working out so that even on the days you don’t feel like it you still go. I guarantee even on those days you’ll leave thankful that you worked out. Also, be prepared to fail, meaning to have a day or even a week where you give into that voice that says to not go to the gym. Or you have a really off day in the gym and struggle through the whole workout. This is normal! You just have to let it go, reset, and come back the next day ready to work!

Rest! You body needs recovery after workouts so please get enough sleep, stretch, and allow your body to repair itself. I’m not fantastic about listening to this tip, so I’ll be working on it right along side you.

I’m so thankful I discovered a deep love of fitness this year, I really couldn’t imagine my life without it. I hope this post had a couple tips for you guys and I can’t wait to continue to share more on this lifestyle with you in future posts.

I want to thank our two sponsors:

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